Rotary Parts

Perhaps our most popular items are our kits and upgrades for the Mazda rotary engine.

Rotary enthusiasts have always dreamed of adding “extra” rotors to their engines, this has always been out of reach untill the arrival of the 20b engine from mazda, now discontinued, the Le mans quad engines have always been very exclusive and unobtainable for the general public.

We have developed a kit using mostly standard 13b type parts that opens the door to multi rotor engines. The heart of the kits is surprisingly not the actual crankshaft but a modification that involves fitting a front stationary gear into a normal Mazda side housing. This allows almost any number of “extra” rotors to transmit their drive to the crankshaft.

The crankshaft is of course the other part of the kit and is manufactured in three and four rotor variants, up to six rotors can be built in this way. These engines are the same in capacity as the genuine Mazda engines but, due to the thinner side housing that is used, are shorter and lighter. Another variation is the inclusion of an extra centre bearing on the three rotor engine and is also available on special order for the quad engine, this means that both sides of ALL the rotors have bearing support to reduce crank flex, these special cranks are also lighter than their normal versions.

The kits can also be supplied with longer dowel and either 10mm or 12mm through bolt sets. Sump plates, exhaust and inlet manifolds can aslo be supplied on request. We also manufacture 13b and 12a crankshafts that are a direct swap for the standard items, special heavy duty versions are available from high grades of steel and others that are thicker than standard and require the centre housing bore to be opened up by 3mm to fit the thicker crank, corner radius’s are also increased to 7mm (from the std 5mm).

These two rotor cranks can be made with the extra centre bearing. These cranks are particularly suited to perpheral port engines with their high rpm characteristics and the associated flexing of the standard shaft.

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